Dota 2 now opens to all, Queuing system removed

Just yesterday, Valve finally removed the queuing system for Dota 2, giving all interested players to play the sequel to the legendary mod for Blizzard’s Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients. Since its release on Microsoft Windows last July 9, 2013 and OS X and Linux on July 18, 2013,  the game has gathered around 6.5 millions active monthly users which from then on keep new users from registering to maintain stability to the game’s servers through queuing.

According to Dota 2’s blog:

“For the past several months, access to Dota 2 has been granted through a queue system that gated entry into the community,”-“We’ve used this system to gradually increase the size of our playerbase, as we ramped up our infrastructure and improved the experience for new players. As we have recently completed a set of server management upgrades as well as released a huge number of enhancements to the new user experience, we’re going to remove all restrictions to playing Dota 2.”

If you’re one of those players who’ve been queuing for months just to get in the game, this is now your best shot! The game can be downloaded from the Dota 2 Steam page.


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